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UIA2024KL International Forum theme is DIVERSECITY - an encapsulation of two words; diverse and city. Taking Kuala Lumpur as a starting point, as a multicultural Asian city through the lens of Cultural Identity, the Forum will look for an updated understanding on the notion of Cultural Identity which gained visibility and expression with the advent of modernism and the initiation of a globalised culture of architectural communication in the twentieth century.


This is in panning a global collective dialogue of the forum delegates, to question, discourse and propose ideas on questions of what is the evolving architects’ role in today’s economy, environmental, social movement, thinking and awareness of architecture, design and urbanism.

The UIA2024KL Forum also intends to reflect on Cultural Identity as a deep text of architectural thought, and how it reflects into the city’s diversity and aims at finding new definitions of Cultural Identity in a period when architecture and cities are faced with new environmental, climate, social and economic challenges threatening social coherence, and trends are progressively dictated by mega business, Artificial Intelligence and new global models of business.

UIA 2024 Forum Logo



Geometries and patterns have a long tradition as a reference in art & design in Malaysian work. In this logo, the duality of the basic grid works derived from the screen pattern of the National Mosque Kuala Lumpur was the starting point of an abstraction of fragments, reimagined into modules of a basic unit in architecture, the house. The grid lines, nodes, plane and form gives a multidimensional sensation, and colours represent diversity.


The background of modules is akin to the universal community in diversity coming together to commune around the universal house.

The geometric pattern of the logo derived from the screen wall design of the National Mosque in Kuala Lumpur. The pattern was incorporated into the base component and repeated to form an arch that suggests as the profile of a shelter. 

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